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Everyone loves a slice of cake. Cake makes everything better. When you feel down, a slice of cake can cheer you up. When there is something to celebrate then there is no better way than to do it with cake. This is one of the most enjoyed pastries in the world but sadly not everyone is as capable of enjoying cake.?

Plenty of people suffer from gluten sensitivities and even celiac disease and many others prefer to avoid this protein because it makes them feel bad or for weight management purposes. Just about every cake you order from bakeries or buy in a store contains plenty of gluten because cake is usually made of flour.

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At Gluten Free 4 U we believe that anyone has a right to enjoy a great tasting cake and that is exactly why we put great effort into creating gluten free cakes that taste just as good or even better than any other type of cake.

Gluten free cakes in Brisbane & Melbourne

At Gluten Free 4U, you can order the finest gluten free cakes in Brisbane and Melbourne. We have specialised chefs on our team who invest a great deal of time and effort into developing fine tasting cake recipes that are just as fluffy, soft and smooth as any other cake.

Only the highest quality ingredients

We use only the finest quality gluten free ingredients and flour substitutes in all of our products. Some of our gluten product substitutes include products like rice flour, tapioca flour, starch, dextrose and we also use healthy ingredients like thickeners and gelatins to give our cakes that great texture and elasticity you love so much.

Lip smacking cakes for everyone

Our chefs invest a lot of time and effort into developing great tasting cakes with that same smooth, foamy and elastic textured cakes you love so much. We bake cakes suitable for anyone in Brisbane and Melbourne. You can order cakes for a casual tea-time, for celebrations like birthday parties, anniversaries and weddings or even for those formal corporate functions. We also bake specialty cakes complete with the theme of your choosing.

A wide range of delicious cakes

At Gluten Free 4 U, you don’t just get great taste and healthy food products, you also get a great variety to choose from. Here is a quick glimpse at just a few of the many wonderful cakes available at Gluten Free 4 U;

Gluten free chocolate cake – Our gluten free chocolate cakes are divine and superb for kids parties, weddings, and other celebrations.

Carrot cake – Carrot cakes are very nutritious and even healthier when you order them gluten free from our company.

Vanilla cake – Our gluten free vanilla cakes or white cakes are incredibly smooth, light and perfect for weddings

Banana cake – Banana cakes taste great and are incredibly healthy in gluten free form.
Cheesecakes – Order mouthwatering cheesecakes in bars or in the traditional round cake form

Mouse cakes – We have the finest tasting mouse cakes and slabs in all sorts of flavours

Tiramisu cakes – Tiramisu cakes and slabs are very popular right now because they are so yummy.

For the best quality and healthiest gluten free cakes please order from us. Specialty cakes need to be ordered one week in advance so we will have plenty of time to perfect your recipe and cake.