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People love nothing more than taking a crunchy bite from a savoury pastry. The problem that many people face is that many everyday savoury goods are full of gluten. Which is why Gluten Free 4 U has put in the effort and passion for creating a tasty and delicious range of gluten free savoury goods.

With the highest quality gluten free flours at our disposal, we are able to craft, create and cook a succulent array of gluten free savouries; right here in our bakehouse. Gluten free lovers throughout Melbourne will be able to enjoy the luxury of eating jaw-dropping savouries that will not only satisfy their tastebuds, but keep them healthy. Baked in nut-free and gluten free bakehouses, you can be sure that all our gluten free savoury goods will be perfect for you!

Our chefs take the time to bake a pastry that is going to take your breath away and make you come back for more. They look at all aspects including recreating classics, bringing back the great taste and keeping things 100% gluten free. That is why we have a stunning array of savoury goods for you. Our strong selection of savouries includes hot meat pies (that come in family, party and original sizes), delicate quiches (with cheese and bacon or spinach and fetta), sausage rolls (with onion or cheese) and crunchy pastries, such as muffins, shepherd’s pie, vegetarian pastries and much more!

Take a look through our savoury selection and place your order. Get ready to enjoy the stunning savoury taste all over again with us!