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Who doesn’t love to enjoy the sweet taste of an apple pie? Or perhaps the soft bite of a banana bread? Gluten Free 4 U has made that everyone is able to enjoy these classic moments with our jaw-dropping selection of gluten free sweets. With many people suffering from gluten allergies, we have strived to use the highest quality ingredients, and combining it will our passionate chefs, to have the sweets that everyone can eat.

For deliciously tasty and captivating gluten free sweets, we have the luscious selection for you. From the heart of Melbourne’s perfect gluten free bakehouse, all our gluten free sweets are created with passion and creativity. Our sweets are of the highest grade, crafted with the best gluten free flours, ensuring you the perfect taste. Our sweets are great for all occasions: for parties, for celebrations, for meals and quick breaks. You will be able to whip out your gluten free sweet and enjoy it then and there – or save it for later! Freshly baked on the day, you can experience the delightful crunch and sweet flavour that comes with every bite.

We have everything from slices (caramel, hedgehog, brownies and vanilla) to pies (apple, fruit mince and cherry), as well as crunchy classics like cannolis, tarts (lemon and jam), croissants, danish and muffins. Our gluten free sweets will leave you craving more.

To enjoy our gluten free sweets, take a look through our selection online and place your order.