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10 Treats to Add To a Gluten-Free Savoury Platter

A savoury platter is one of the best treats to have if you want to spoil a few guests at your house or at your party. This is also the number one platter type to bring along when you are attending some other celebration such as a casual birthday, kitchen tea or baby shower, as most people only take sweet foods to these types of events. Your savoury platter will be a welcome addition to balance all of that sweetness and the fact that your platter is 100% gluten-free will certainly please any of your friends who might be struggling with gluten sensitivity.

It is always hard to find a diversity of savoury nibbles for a platter when you are choosing gluten free. Gluten free foods are not very easy to come by but luckily for you, Gluten Free 4 U doesn’t just give you 100% gluten free foods, we also give you a wide range of treats for your platter.

Here are some of the best treats to add for the perfect gluten-free savoury platter.

1. Cheese & Bacon scrolls

These scrolls are just as tasty as they look. They are also very filling and a perfect treat to include to a dinner platter. Our bacon and cheese scrolls can be cut into bite sizes and will be easy to grab and munch as you mingle and chat but the best part is that they are 100% gluten-free.

2. Danish

These savouries are made of the finest quality ingredients and offer you a light crumbling crust that compliments a variety of flavours such as ham & cheese or spinach & feta perfectly.

3. Party-Sized Meat Pies

Our fresh and gluten-free take on this party classic will keep all of your guests nice and full while they are having a blast at your home. Our party meat pies come in a 6 pack, they are divine and they are 100% gluten, dairy, yeast, and fructose free.

4. Spinach & Feta Party Quiches

This is the ultimate treat at any type of party and especially for those early morning parties or winter celebrations. Our quiches are incredibly tasty and will certainly make your platter look a lot tastier.

5. Cheese & Bacon Quiche

You can never include too many quiche flavours and bacon & cheese is always a winner. These tiny quiches are a perfect combination along with our spinach & feta quiches.

6. Sausage Rolls – Carrot

You just cannot go wrong with sausage rolls. Everyone loves them because of their easy-to-grab small size and they are incredibly filling. This option includes a taste of carrot the minced meat filling and will certainly be a charming addition to any savoury platter.

7. Sausage Rolls – Onion

For a bit more diversity you should also add some of our onion-based sausage rolls to your platter. These rolls are just as tasty as carrot rolls but offer a completely different taste.

8. Spinach & Ricotta Rolls

Spinach & Ricotta rolls are creamy, refreshing and are a vegetarian-friendly alternative on your plate. These yummy gluten free rolls are also a healthier alternative to red meat treats.

9. Party-sized Vegetarian Pasties

Mini vegetarian pasties are the perfect savoury snack for winter parties. Just one of these delicious gluten-free pasties is sure to fill anyone right up while they are sipping crisp wines and tasting all of the other delicious treats at the party.

10. Meatpies

Meat pies are a natural winner to serve on your platter and when you choose to buy from Gluten Free 4 U, you can include a wide range of meat pie flavours such as beef & bacon, beef & mushroom beef & onion, cheese & bacon, chili & cheese, and traditional meat pies.

If you want to thrill your friends and create the perfect savoury platter that won’t affect your health negatively then we welcome you to give Gluten Free 4 U a call. Our savouries are delightful and perfect for a delicious tasty platter.

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