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15 Best Gluten Free Party Foods

Are you having a big party?  The chances of getting plenty of gluten sensitive guests are pretty slim but it would be quite terrible if you couldn’t eat half of the foods served at your very own party.  In case of children’s parties, it is very important to stock up on gluten free foods only because kids find it particularly hard to say no to delicious treats like cake, puddings and more even if these foods can make them feel terribly ill.

If the guest of honor or if one of your family members is gluten intolerant then it is probably best to stick to gluten free foods on this special occasion.  If all foods are gluten free then no one has to worry about putting their health at risk and there are no off-limits yummy treat to tempt you while you are trying to have some fun.

Here are 15 of the best gluten free party foods to consider for a gluten free celebration.

Specialty cake

What is a party without a good old cake?  The cake is what brings the party together and what gives your party that unique theme.  A gluten free specialty cake in a theme of your choice is one of the best party foods to include in your celebration.


Gluten free cupcakes are so easy to eat while you are chatting and mingling with all of your friends or guests.  Cupcakes are cute, sweet, delicious and just makes everything easy.

Mini apple pies

Apple pie tastes great and are so easy and tasty to munch on when you are having fun at a party.


If you want to serve a delicious treat that is also filling then you certainly cannot go wrong with a batch of gluten free muffins. Available in Savory or Sweet from GLuten Free 4 U.

Caramel Slices

These finger foods are so easy to fill your belly and you won’t make a mess of your outfit or face as you chew on these tasty treats.

Chocolate brownies

All chocolate lovers love chocolate brownies. These sweet and delicious square slices are perfect for your gluten free party. No one will no to these !

Vanilla slices

Vanilla slices are delicious and you can even get these in dairy and egg free form for the Vegan eaters.


Mini donuts, big donuts, and jam donuts are a must for any party and is bound to put a smile on all of your guest’s faces.


These traditional treats are still very popular to this very day and are a great sweet treat for your party.

Cheese & Bacon scrolls

These scrolls are perfect on the go treat for those busy guests at your party.  Especially when warmed up.

Party quiches

These are also a great food for your party because it will keep your guests feeling full and happy.  Quinces are the perfect hunger buster for any party.

Party meat pies

Party meat pies are tiny but still very tasty.  They are so great because they are bite-sized and packed with plenty of flavour.

Sausage rolls

Everyone love sausage rolls and gluten intolerant guests will adore you for these gluten free sausage rolls at your party. Available in a 4 pack, Party pack or carrot or onion.

Shepherd’s pie

This is probably a party food that you haven’t seen at a party before, but mini shepherd’s pies are a great party snack and give guests a good break from normal pastries.

Spinach & Ricotta rolls

These rolls are a good alternative to sausage rolls and are very enjoyable to eat.

Arranging the perfect gluten free party is a lot easier if you order all your foods from a good gluten free company like Gluten Free 4 You.  We have a huge selection of tasty party foods and all of our foods are 100% safe for those with gluten intolerance.


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