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6 Great Gluten-Free Baking Substitutes

If you have gluten sensitivity or suffer from celiac disease then flour is more than just taboo in your diet. Sadly, this is a common ingredient in most baked treats as well as other food sources such as breakfast cereals, soups and snacks. 

The reason flour is such a popular ingredient is thanks to gluten which acts as a binder and lends elasticity to ingredients in these foods. But the good news is that you can still enjoy baking sessions and all of these yummy food types just as much as anyone else because there are quite a few gluten-free flour substitutes available on the market that can be used for baking.

Each of these flour substitutes offer a different taste, texture, baking texture and has different nutritional components. Here is a quick look at the best gluten free alternatives you can use for home cooking and baking.

  • Buckwheat Flour

This wheat is gluten free and is commonly used in cereals. The flour provides a rich and earthy flavour to baked goods. It is a good substitute and contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Buckwheat is considered a health food since it contains lots of antioxidants but the foods baked can be a bit crumbly due to the lack of gluten.

  • Sorghum Flour

Sorghum is naturally gluten free and offers a mild sweet flavour. Sorghum is rich in fibre and protein but you do need to look for certified gluten free sorghum flour since lots of brands are contaminated with gluten.

  • Amaranth Flour

This flour offers an earthy nutty flavour that can overpower the taste of other ingredients in foods. The flour is usually combined with other gluten-free flours to reduce the nutty earthy taste of this flour. Amaranth is excellent for improving brain function but once again you need to be careful when purchasing the flour because many brands do contain traces of gluten due to production methods.

  • Teff Flour

Teff vary in colour. Light flour colours have a mild taste which increases in intensity along with the hue of your flour. The flour is terrific for creating foods such as pancakes, cereals, bread and snacks. It is high in protein and can help you reduce cravings. The grain also contains a lot more calcium than any other type of flour and is 100% gluten free.

  • Brown Rice Flour

This is a very common gluten substitute because brown rice flour is affordable compared to some flours like almond flour. The flour offers a nutty taste and is excellent for thickening foods such as sauces and soups or for making noodles and pasta. Brown rice flour is rich in vitamins and can assist in improving heart health. 

These are all good flour substitutes but you do need to be careful when mixing your ingredients. The lack of gluten in these flours usually results in foods that are crumbling and the taste of these flours can often be overbearing.

 If you have a hard time finding the right flour substitute or want to save some time on baking, then you can always buy tasty and perfected gluten free foods from Gluten Free 4 U.

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