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The Best Gluten Free Snacks for Large Events

Choosing a few gluten-free treats for your guests is a considerate idea when planning an event. In the midst of getting everything sorted, organisers will often forget to cater to everyone’s dietary requirements and it isn’t pleasant for guests, especially when they’ve been offered to be fed and catered for. Including a gluten free food table or a few gluten free snack boards to your table will certainly be a welcoming addition for guests with gluten-free dietary requirements. Here are the top gluten free snacks to serve at your big event.

Cheesecake slices

Everyone loves cheesecake and these gluten free treats are sure to be a hit amongst anyone with food sensitivities.


Mini pies are so easy to munch and so filling. Load your table with a variety of pies such as apple pies, cherry pies, lemon meringue pies, beef and bacon pies, cheese and bacon pies, chilli cheese pies and more for your table. At Gluten Free 4 U, we even have 6 pack party meat pies that are perfect for serving lots of hungry guests.


They are an absolute must for your gluten free table. They look so cute and are so tasty. Add a bunch of custard tarts, jam tarts, lemon tarts, neenish tarts and more to make your table look tasty.


These are the perfect treat for early morning events. You can certainly add some blueberry muffins, chocolate chip muffins, double choc chip muffins, orange poppy seed muffins or some of our savoury muffins as a delicious breakfast.

Olive loaf

Olive bread taste delicious, especially when you serve it with butter and other tasty spreads such as a spicy chilli spread, cheese spreads or cold meats or other tasty treats.

Garlic bread

Who doesn’t love a hot slice of garlic bread? This tasty savoury bread can be easily added to a table with lots of spreads, and dips.


These rolled up treats with fillings like bacon and cheese or feta and spinach are tasty and very attractive looking on your event tables.


Everyone loves doughnuts! You can munch on these early in the morning, late in the afternoon or enjoy them as a midnight feast. The classic cinnamon, iced or jam donuts are bound to be a hit at your event.


These are a divine treat that is perfect for just about any type of event. Gluten free iced cupcakes can even be decorated to match your theme.


This is another wonderful treat to serve at morning events. You can buy delicious 6-pack gluten free party quinces that are bite-sized and very healthy for your event.

Sausage rolls

Sausage rolls are one of those filling snacks that usually cause havoc in the intestines of those with gluten sufferers because there is just no way anyone can say no to these treats. Fill your table with plenty of party pack sausage rolls from Gluten Free 4 U and gluten sufferers can finally enjoy these treats without getting ill.

Want to order your gluten free snacks for your event? Then don’t delay. Order your party snacks directly from Gluten Free 4 U online or give us a call right now with regards to any special orders you may have. We can have all of these treats ready and delivered to your event address on time for your big party.  

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