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The Best Gluten-Free Treats to Munch on at Your Spring BBQ Party

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Spring is finally here again! Flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and it is time to dust off that barbeque of yours so you can spend some time in the sun, get a good tan and enjoy tasty treats during a fun Spring barbie!

If you are planning a fun BBQ party at home then you definitely need a few tasty sweet treats to go with those delicious grilled meats, veggies and salads. 

At Gluten Free 4 U we offer a huge variety of delicious baked goods that serve as perfect snacks while you wait for your grilled meats. We also have a variety of tasty desserts that anyone will love to munch on after dinner. Here are the best gluten-free tasty treats to order online for your spring barbeque right now.

1. Tasty Bread to Serve With Your Grilled Meats

Tasty gluten-free bread is always a handy add on to your grilled meats. Bread is very easy to serve and they can be combined with so many types of spreads to create the perfect dinner.

Classic Olive Loaf 

Start off by buying our Classic Olive loafs. These loaves are perfect for serving along with your grilled meats. They are gluten-free, fresh and very flavoursome.

Garlic Bread 

Garlic bread is a crowd pleaser and favourite at any party because it tastes so good and is so easy to make!

Hotdog Rolls 

Whether you’re cooking up some snags, spiced sausages or preparing a variety of fillings to be used in a roll or sandwich, gluten-free hot dog rolls are a solid staple for any spring barbeque. 

2. Gluten Free Snacks and Sides

A few snacks are a must for all of those extra hungry guests at your party. While you are preparing the perfect grilled or smoked meats they can much on these tasty treats.

Cheese & Bacon Scrolls 

These scrolls are filling and perfect finger foods to serve at your barbecue.

Party Pies 

These classic mini meat pies will instantly satisfy kids and hungry guests until your meats are ready to be served.

Sausage Rolls 

Mini sausage rolls are also a perfect bite-sized treat to bust the hunger while everyone waits.

Fruit Rings 

These jelly fruit rings are tasty snacks to chew on while everyone has a blast at your party.

Jam Tarts

Everyone loves a good jam tart so be sure to include a batch of these with your order.


Add some jelly snakes to your snack table so kids and adults alike can stay full of energy.

Vanilla Slice

This sweet treat is also a tasty morsel to munch on as everyone plays and catches up.

3. End Your BBQ With A Tasty Cake and Desserts

The best way to end any party or dinner is with a good slice of cake or pudding. Here are a few options to consider for your party;

Caramel Slices 

You can buy these slices or the entire slab to delight everyone before they go home.

Cherry Cheesecake 

Everyone loves cheesecake and this cherry cheesecake is packed with even more flavour and colour.

Carrot Cake 

Carrot cake is healthy, tasty and light which makes it a perfect after-party snack.

Chocolate Mousse 

If you have a big sweet tooth then you should consider our chocolate mousse cakes.
Want to get these tasty gluten-free treats for your party? Then order yours online from our store right now and get these tasty treats delivered to your door!

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