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Great Gluten Free Wedding Snacks for Your Special Day

Planning a wedding? This certainly is an exciting time. For many men and women, their wedding day is the biggest day of their lives which is exactly why so many pay out quite a lot of money to make the event an unforgettable experience.

One of the best parts about planning your wedding is the fact that you can plan it to suit all your personal needs. So yes, when it is your wedding you most certainly can choose a 100% gluten-free menu. There’s nothing positive about falling ill due to allergies or feeling sore and bloated on any given day, the last thing you want is to feel that way on this special day.

Order Your Gluten-Free Snacks From  Gluten Free 4 U

Our gluten free bakehouse in Brisbane is a perfect place to shop for divine gluten free snacks for your wedding.  Gluten Free 4 U is a 100% gluten-free environment and all of the baked goods and treats we make here are made from the finest gluten alternative ingredients. We also used specialised chefs to develop gluten free foods that taste just as yummy – if not better – than foods prepared from normal gluten-rich flours.

Gluten-Free Treats to Order for Your Wedding Day

As we said before, we have a wide range of food, snacks, and treats that will work perfectly on your wedding day. On this list, we are only going to discuss the ultimate wedding must-have treats that are just as tasty as they look.

Gluten-Free Wedding Cake

Did you know that we bake specialty cakes here at  Gluten Free 4 U? Well, we do and we can most certainly bake you a very beautiful and wonderful tasting gluten free wedding cake. Our wedding cakes are some of the most beautiful cakes you will ever see. We can bake anything from special small cakes to those big towering cakes with lots of layers and decorative elements.

Gluten-Free Cupcakes

Plenty of wedding couples switch out their traditional wedding cake with a smaller cake and tower it with lots of beautiful cupcakes that guests can simply grab and munch on the go. We can make any flavour cupcakes you need for your special day and can even decorate these cupcakes to suit your wedding theme or colours perfectly.

Gluten Free Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are very trendy at weddings right now. These food boards look so beautiful and guests love to munch on these while they wait for the couple to finish with the wedding shoot. Charcuterie boards contain a great variety of food types such as smoked meats, cold meats, fruits, nuts, cheeses, spreads, jams, sliced veggies and more. You can use many of our gluten free products to create a diverse and delicious charcuterie board. Bread items like dinner rolls, olive loaves, premium baguette seeded loaves, garlic bread, and French stick breads or even wraps will compliment your charcuterie boards perfectly.

Gluten-Free Pies

Everyone loves to munch on some mini pies at beautiful events. At  Gluten Free 4 U, we bake a wide range of mini pies such as beef & bacon pies, beef & mushroom pies, beef & onion pies, cheese & bacon pies, chilli & cheese pies and much more that will be a sure hunger buster for any hungry guest.

Sausage rolls

Sausage rolls are always a winner at events, especially if your wedding is a bit more casual and you have a lot of family attendees. You simply must buy a few of our divine tasting gluten free sausage rolls for your wedding platters.


Are you having a garden wedding party in the morning with brunch? Then you simply need to include a few of our delicious muffin varieties on your table.

Gluten Free 4 U Brisbane is the perfect bakery to trust for a completely gluten-free wedding that is filled with delicious snacks that your guests will absolutely love to enjoy. Contact us now to order your specialty cakes, cupcakes or any other gluten free snacks you might need for your wedding.

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