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What Makes Gluten Free 4 U A Leading Melbourne Bakehouse?

With four locations on four different sides of the city, Gluten Free 4 U is a leading gluten-free bakehouse in Melbourne. In our time, we have perfected our gluten-free recipes, products and quality of service and customers have learned to trust in our brand as the quality is reliable and delicious! We have established ongoing relationships with just about anyone who has sampled our delicious treats.

To what do we owe our success, you may wonder? There are quite a few benefits to  Gluten Free 4 U that makes us such a popular bakery and so loved amongst customers. Here are the top reasons our bakery became successful and popular since opening our doors.

We Make Life Easier For People Who Are Gluten Intolerant

One of the best reasons our customers love us is that we make life a little bit easier for them. Those with gluten sensitivities and celiac disease can shop a huge variety of fine tasting gluten-free treats, sweets, savouries and snacks online from our website. We will get these delicious foods baked to perfection and delivered to your doorstep on time for any event you may have planned. With our bakery, there is no need for you to suffer or to struggle to find gluten-free foods to serve.

Our Products Are Safe For Other Types of Food Sensitivities

We specialise in gluten-free products but this is hardly the extent of our services. We also assist those with food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities and can create your foods dairy free, soy free, egg free, yeast free and fructose free.

Our Products Are Guaranteed Gluten Free

Our bakery is kept 100% gluten-free. This includes all flours and ingredients we stock or use in our bakery. With this simple rule, we never run the risk of exposing our customers to gluten proteins because all work areas and ingredients are perfectly safe.

We Offer Delivery

You can buy the best gluten-free snacks directly from our website. We can have these items delivered to your doorstep at an affordable rate. We also offer free home delivery for Vic Metro & Regional for orders that exceed $90.

We Offer Customers a Wide Selection of Tasty Treats

Our company is loved because it is the one stop shop for anyone with gluten sensitivity. We sell a huge range of breads, cakes, slices, sweet treats, biscuits, savouries, pies and more. Our customers can order all their baked treats and foods right here and enjoy a healthier lifestyle with ease.

Our Foods Taste Delicious

Delicious food brings people together and keeps customers returning for more. Our food has to be divine because once our customers taste our products they are immediately hooked on the delicious taste of all of our freshly baked goods.

Quality Products

Our business is popular because we always use fine quality ingredients and our customers can count on the freshest, best and tastiest treats.

Tasty Gluten Free Products Are Usually Tough To Find

Very few businesses and bakeries bother to serve gluten-free products and even fewer are truly trustworthy when it comes to a gluten-free environment. The scarcity of reliable bakeries that can produce gluten-free treats that actually taste good is also a big reason we became so popular over these past few years. Our business is a rare find and as such, is treasured by customers that value their health.

We Bake Gluten Free Specialty Cakes

Life is already hard enough on children with gluten sensitivities. Not being able to enjoy a beautiful themed birthday cake doesn’t have to be part of the health struggles you deal with. We bake the most beautiful gluten-free specialty cakes in any theme and design. These cakes are tremendously popular during holiday seasons, for weddings and for birthday parties.

Do you need a tasty gluten free treat for a special event? Or do you perhaps need a consistent supply of gluten-free bread? Browse our selection of gluten-free treats online or give our team at Gluten Free 4 U a call to learn more.

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