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Myths and Misconceptions of Gluten-Free Diets

Despite an abundance of medical research into the effects of gluten and gluten-free diets, there’s still a widespread proliferation of myths and misconceptions regarding them. While it may have been relatively unknown a few decades ago, public education of gluten and gluten-free alternatives is certainly growing.

Gluten Free 4 U is a bakehouse that understands the needs of its clients and uses not only gluten-free alternatives in recipes but also carries a wide range of great-tasting loaves, savoury treats, and sundry baked goods. 

Whether you’ve recently adopted a gluten-free diet or have already been for years, there’s no better place if you’ve got a gluten-free lifestyle in mind. Gluten Free 4 U serves a wide range of locations in Australia

Here are a few of the most commonly heard myths and misconceptions about gluten-free living.

Gluten-Free is a Fad Diet

You may have heard of gluten-free diets compared to the Atkins diet or whatever celebrities are currently promoting. The reality is that for many, gluten intolerance is not a choice and alternatives to most commonly-consumed foods is a must.

It’s often claimed that gluten-free diets correlate to weight loss. In fact, it’s possible to gain weight with such a diet, but it’s also possible to lose weight with careful eating choices and a balanced and active lifestyle. Rather than seeing it as a means to lose weight, look at gluten-free diets as a holistic means of consciously avoiding the possible downsides to consuming gluten.

If you’re after weight loss, be sure to stay active and to burn more calories than you’re consuming. Gluten-free diets are not a silver bullet solution to weight loss.

Gluten is Always Bad

While gluten will be undeniably bad for you if you’ve been properly diagnosed with gluten intolerance or with celiac disease, it’s not necessarily bad for others. Gluten is a protein that cannot be completely broken down and tends to sit in our small intestines, which can trigger immune system responses and lead to discomfort.

The reality is that this isn’t always the case for everyone. Most people can handle gluten consumption relatively well, although they may experience bloating or mild discomfort, such as after eating a pizza which has not matured properly. For many, however, gluten will trigger a stronger reaction.

Concerns over genetically-modified foods and an increasingly health-conscious society are driving many to choose a gluten-free lifestyle regardless of whether or not they actually need to, as in the case with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. In summary, gluten should not be looked at as strictly good or bad, but rather as a conscious choice to avoid or reduce consumption.

There’s More Gluten in Today’s Wheat

Many claims that the gluten content in modern wheat production is substantially higher than one would have found a hundred years ago. This is not really the case; the gluten content of today’s bread is approximately the same as it was in 1900. So why all the fuss?

One major concern is that genetically-modified foods and ingredients are becoming more and more common yet the general public has many doubts over whether or not they’re actually good for us or if they’re hurting us. Although this is a debate all on its own, the reality is that genetically-modified corn is widely used whereas wheat is not. 

If you want to be sure that you aren’t consuming genetically-modified ingredients, a gluten-free lifestyle can give you that peace of mind.

Final Considerations

It’s quite unfortunate that gluten-free diets are often associated with fad diets that can be forgotten as quickly as they pop up. Gluten-free diets are more than just a diet; they’re a healthy and mindful approach to better living for many people that go undiagnosed with gluten intolerance or for those with celiac disease. 

For those that don’t suffer from these ailments, it’s still a potentially great lifestyle choice in today’s day and age due to an increasing concern over GMOs and an increasing amount of attention being given to high-quality products and ingredients. Your body’s a temple, it is better to take care of it and feed it right.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, or better yet, come and visit one of our Gluten Free 4 U bakeries in person to try some of our delicious gluten-free baked goods for yourself.

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