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Bruno’s Gluten Free Story

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From: Bruno
State: Melbourne, Victoria
Journey Started: 1999

I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease back when I was in grade 4. At the time being so young, it wasn’t a pleasant experience but I think more stressful for my parents than myself. I remember after being diagnosed it wasn’t long after my sister was diagnosed with coeliac disease which really threw a spanner in the works for the family. I remember having to travel to special shops and bakeries all over the state just to be able to find basic gluten free food like bread and cakes. Growing up you did feel very restricted. Especially at school when you couldn’t eat the same as all the people around you. Growing up mum was great, she would go well out of her way just to find gluten free products so we wouldn’t feel left out. Now days so much gluten free products are easily available. Gluten Free 4 U is a favourite in our household. Our local is the Moorabbin store. When you walk into the store you can’t describe the feeling of knowing that everything you see you can have. Because we got diagnosed so long ago, to watch the progression of gluten free food has been amazing. Years ago the thought of a bakery like Gluten free 4 U was un-imaginable. The work Gluten Free 4 U does is greatly appreciative from all us coeliac’s. Please keep up the great work,

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