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Pasta is one of the world’s best-enjoyed foods. Pasta is incredibly flexible. You can make an unlimited number of recipes with the same pasta type and each and every recipe you try ends up fantastic when served hot. Pasta is also a superb food source to help you lose and manage your weight effectively when eaten correctly and this food type is also a superb source of energy when you need an extra boost for those busy days.

For a long time, those with gluten sensitivities, celiac disease and those that follow the gluten free diet couldn’t enjoy this pasta. Normal pasta is made from wheat and flours that contain plenty of gluten proteins. Pasta also couldn’t be made without gluten because there was no substitute for the elasticity and binding effect of flour to give pasta its distinctive look and taste.

But today even gluten avoiders in Brisbane can safely enjoy pasta without putting their health at risk. This is because at Gluten Free 4U we have a range of pasta that is 100% gluten free and 100% safe to consume.

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We make and distribute gluten free pasta

Our team of expert chefs invested quite a lot of time and effort into developing gluten free pasta with the same wonderfully rubbery texture of normal pasta without sacrificing any of taste. We have combined gluten free products like rice flour, maize flour, tapioca flour, xanthan gum and more to create our pasta and it tastes great!

Our pasta is just as flexible as any other pasta

Our gluten free pasta is just as delicious and flexible as gluten-rich pasta. These pastas can be used in an infinite number of food recipes which includes anything from pasta salads to a wide range of normal cooked pasta meals. You can combine different types of spices, herbs, foods, vegetables, and meats to create your pasta meals and enjoy easy and quick meal times that are packed with plenty of flavour.

Only high-quality ingredients are used in our pasta

We use only the best gluten free ingredient suppliers in Brisbane. All of our pasta is perfectly safe for consumption and made of only the highest quality ingredients that can be found. Our pasta are also perfectly suitable for those with food sensitivities because we exclude plenty of allergen ingredients like dairy, yeast, soy, fructose, and sugar. As a result, our pasta is perfectly safe for people with food sensitivities and allergies as well as for diabetics.

Enjoy a range of different kinds of pasta

With Gluten Free 4U no pasta meal ever has to be dull or boring. We have a wide range of different pasta types to choose from such as fettucini, gnocchi (original and pumpkin), spinach cannelloni and ravioli (braised beef or spinach and ricotta). All of these pasta types are easy to make, taste incredible and very quick to prepare.

To get your hands on the best gluten free pasta in Brisbane, please visit our bakehouses or order directly from our website and get your healthy pasta delivered to your doorstep.