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Choosing the right gluten free wholesaler for your cafe

Gluten free products are very popular within establishments across Australia. There are a few key reasons why this has been the case: quality made gluten free goods are incredibly tasty and provide an offering to coeliac and gluten-allergic customers. Cafes and Restaurants are on the lookout for quality gluten free wholesalers, such as Gluten Free 4 U, to provide them with high quality goods that are affordable and tasty. So how do you go about selecting the right gluten free wholesale supplier for your establishment?

Quality and Integrity of Gluten Free Products.

It is not all about money when trying to find a suitable high quality and trusted gluten free wholesaler. The focus for the most part should be about the quality of the products that you are purchasing, which helps bring your customers back for more. Tasting and trying out the gluten free goods by the supplier is critical. This will help you establish if the products are made to the highest gluten free standards, with only the best gluten free flours used in the baking process. Stringent and tight quality control, HACCP accredited, a totally gluten free environment and premium ingredients are necessary when it comes to finding quality gluten free baked goods. Anything less than this will jeopardize the taste, quality and consistency.

Valued Wholesale Prices.

You pay for what you get in Gluten Free production. You want to make sure you are getting value for your money, rather than choosing the low cost option. You do not want to sacrifice quality or a lack of variety when you order from a wholesaler.

Range of Goods.

There are always ‘favourites’ when it comes to Gluten Free products, and while you should always go for these products, you should always listen to your customers and what their needs are. Check with your wholesaler to see if they have a wide selection to choose from. This will help you expand your range and open up your market which will lead to more sales and profit for you.

Qualified Gluten Free Bakers.

Always ask wholesalers about the bakers that are in charge of their baking and products. You want to make sure that the person, or team of bakers, are up to the standard and have the relevant experience. Bakers are the key factor in determining the quality of the products that you are purchasing. You want to be sure that the qualified bakers that are employed by the wholesaler supplier, follow imbedded processes and systems and are in line with HACCP protocols.

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