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Five Of The Best Gluten Free Biscuits To Enjoy This Summer

Summer is the time of year where you get to spend all your free time with family and friends. And nothing brings people together around a table more than a platter of delicious sweet biscuits. Granted, you might not dip a cookie into a hot cup of tea or coffee (it is hot remember?), but that doesn’t mean you can’t bite into a delicious snack during those warm days. This is why we have provided you with a list of five of the best gluten free biscuits to enjoy this summer.

marble cakeChocolate Chip Cookies 

There is nothing more symbolic than a chocolate chip cookie. Comforting and giving you the memories of being at home with the family, they are warm, sweet and combine the feelings of crunch and melt at the same time. They are the original cookie that everyone loves. Now made with fresh gluten free ingredients, order your chocolate chip cookies here.


Melt-in-the-mouth delicious is how to describe the yoyo biscuit. Amazing vanilla cookies filled with buttery icing these are an Australian classic and you will be left wanting more! Made with gluten free ingredients and a wicked kick of flavor, you can orders yours here.

Daisy Kisses 

Want to enjoy the sweetness of jam, the crunch of a biscuit and a dash of rich chocolate all in one go? If you are, then there is no going past our gluten free daisy kisses. With a quick bite, you will experience an explosion of flavour that’s off the charts. You can enjoy this summer bite today by placing your order right here.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies 

You simply cannot pass up the flavour of double chocolate chip cookies. With its chewy, melt in your mouth, buttery goodness taste, you will get the double explosion of chocolate in your mouth. Try these dipped into a glass of cold milk! Perfect for holiday events and great for enjoying it with family and friends, you can place your order for double chocolate chip cookies here.

Chocolate Jam Hearts 

A layer of sweet jam in between two tasty layers of shortbread is enough to create a crunchy cookie. But what happens when you cover half in sweet chocolate? You get jam-filled hearts; a delicious bite that will overload your mouth with flavour. Great for enjoying it with family and friends over the holidays, you can place your order for our hearts right here.

If you’re ready to try these stunning biscuits, then come down to a Gluten Free 4 U Bakehouse today. We have bakeries located in Kew, Geelong, Boronia, Moorabbin or Frankston.

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