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Why Gluten free wraps are fast becoming a popular choice

One of the most popular dishes in restaurants and cafes throughout Australia now involves gluten free wraps. Over the last few years, gluten free wraps have established themselves as a favourite for coeliac’s, gluten-free eaters and non-gluten free lovers. As experts in gluten free baked goods and wraps, we know why this product has become a leading choice for many Australians. Wraps are one of our highest selling items in store and to our wholesale customers.

Taste & Quality

Despite what many people think about conventional gluten free wraps, our gluten free wraps are of sublime taste and quality. Our wraps are made with top quality gluten free flours and made fresh everyday in our 100% gluten free facility. Did you know that we hand make our wraps from start to finish ? That’s why the taste is so palatable and enjoyable. Once you have tried our gluten free wraps, you won’t go anywhere else.

Range of Cooking Options

What can a wrap be used for ? Well, pretty much anything! Wraps are viable for almost any meal you want, from breakfast to dinner. They can be mixed with all sorts of tasty extras, such as chicken, eggs, cheese, salads and ham. There are a range of cooking options and meals when it comes to gluten free wraps.

If you are looking to enjoy top quality, healthy and 100% gluten free wraps, get in touch with Gluten Free 4 U today. Taste the best gluten free wraps in Australia now!

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