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Jodie’s Gluten Free Story

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Jodie’s Gluten Free Story

judys gluten free storyMy gluten free journey began in June 2014 when blood tests came back to say I was intolerant to Gluten. I had problems with tiredness, excessive gas, indigestion and stomach cramps for many years. With the stomach cramps getting worse over time,  I decided to see a Doctor about my problems. I found the gluten free diet hard to get used to at the beginning and was in denial.

I kept trying something with gluten to see if I could could stomach it, but no. As soon as I ate this food,  the indigestion began and that night I would be crippled with cramps in the stomach and I would end up really tired the next day.

Since then I have progressed along way with changing my habits, which has taken time. I am getting better at the gluten free cooking and can finally make things taste pretty good. Gluten free cooking is easier than I thought it would be.

I brought a bread maker with the gluten free setting and started making my own bread. I am married with 2 children and the family eat gluten during the day, but our dinner is always gluten free making it easier on my family and myself.

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