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Popular Gluten Free breads

Bread is part and parcel for every household’s food requirements. But for a long time, Celiac’s or people who are gluten intolerant were unable to eat bread and struggled to enjoy the taste that comes with it. Thankfully with the rise of gluten free ingredients, bread is back in the equation for everyone. Gluten Free 4 U is leading the market with taste and its large variety.  Gluten Free bakes two distinct ranges of bread; Classic and Premium. The Classic is more of a wet loaf, where the Premium is a favourite of Cafés and Restaurants and is more of a Sandwich loaf. With so many different bread types available, we have listed the most popular gluten free breads from you to choose from:

Sourdough bread

Is a slice of much-needed tradition that’s easier to digest than industrial loaves. Kids love it toasted.

Ciabatta Bread

This popular Italian style bread is known for its crispy exterior, aligned with its soft and smooth inside. It can be eaten on its lonesome or as a side dish, and can be toasted, grilled or eaten right then and there.

Olive Bread

Another classic that is loved by everyone. Much like ciabatta bread, it has a crunchy outside with a soft, fluffy inside – with the added kick of olive flavour. With real olive pieces, you will get to enjoy a strong taste, while eating a completely gluten free and healthy bread. Another option that can be great to eaten by itself or mixed with a splendid dish. 

Raisin Bread

When it comes to enjoying a sweet bread alongside a nice cup of tea, there is no denying that raisin bread is the answer. With its sweet and tasteful blend, you can enjoy by itself, or mix it with a host of condiments. 

English Muffin

Is there anything more English than a English Muffin? With its perfect blend of dry flavour, and ideal for any meal or snack throughout the day, an English muffin is a popular choice for many people. Mixing it with cream and strawberry is amazing. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to muffin creations.

The Baguette

With seeds or without, the baguette is known for its super crunch and soft inside. Ideal for meals, our gluten free baguettes are very popular for people looking to throw an exciting dinner party.

Vienna bread

The Loaf has a very crisp, thin, highly glazed crust, with cuts on the upper surface, coarser than ordinary bread and with gas holes. It is baked in an oven which retains the steam.

Dark Continental Bread

The dark colour and earthy, slightly sour Flavour of rye bread is replicated by the edition of spirulina. It goes well with a warm soup.


Sometimes referred to as the cement doughnut, the bagel has long been a staple in New York delicatessens and a favourite of the Jewish community.
A bagel is a round yeast roll with a hole in the middle, no egg in the dough, cooked in water, and then browned in the oven.  For our full range take a look at our online store or visit us in person

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