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Signs and symptoms that you might need Gluten free foods

Have you been feeling tired lately? Has your stomach being playing up more than usual? Do you feel moody and have a weird rash that came out of nowhere? You might be confused about why these things happen, but there is good chance that these signs and symptoms are the work of gluten.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat products, such as bread, pasta, rye, cereals and many others. While some people have no issues with gluten, many others find themselves having a negative reaction. And it is those people that are going to have to eat gluten-free food; a healthy and satisfying alternative. Facing the following symptoms on a regular basis could be sign that it is time to you eat gluten-free foods.

Migraines & Headaches.

In some cases, gluten can trigger migraines and intense headaches in people. They might pass it off as nothing more than a regular headache, but gluten could be the underlying problem. Try gluten-free products and then compare your reaction to gluten products.

Mood Swings.

Happy one minute, angry the next? It might be subtle, but gluten can actually alter your mood throughout the course of a day or a week. Anything from being irritable to being depressed could be sign that gluten is altering your moods.

Itches & Rashes.

It is hard to define rashes because they could be so many reasons for them, but if you are noticing that after eating gluten-filled or wheat products triggers you off, take a look at your diet.

Joint Pain & Pins and Needles.

Aching pain in the joints between feet, fingers, knees, as well as the sudden rush of pins and needles, could be sign that gluten is playing around through your joints and muscles. If you noticing this happening more often than not – and you are healthy in a joint and muscle sense – check out the possibility of eating gluten-free foods and see what happens.

Digestive Problems.

The big baddie of them all. Gluten can have a very negative effect on your digestive system. Now, not everyone who has gut or digestive pain has a problem with gluten (a doctor can help you distinguish the difference) but there is a good chance that gluten is affecting them. Constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, belching and severe cramps across the abdomen could be a sign that gluten is not working well with your digestive system. Trying gluten-free products for a few weeks and seeing how your stomach is reacting could be key that gluten is making you feel ill.

Please note, that it is advisable to go and see your doctor to assess your condition or illness. They will give you a better and clearer idea if gluten is affecting you in a negative way.

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