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FREE DONUT PACK 🍩 with any home delivery(Simply state in notes if you want Cinnamon/Iced or Jam)

FREE DONUT PACK 🍩 with any home delivery(Simply state in notes if you want Cinnamon/Iced or Jam)

Gluten Free Snacks in Melbourne & Brisbane

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Gluten Free Snacks in Melbourne

gluten free snacks melbourne

A small snack during the day can make a huge difference in how you feel. With the right type of snack, you can boost your energy levels, keep those hunger cravings away until it is time for lunch or you can smother that shaky feeling in its tracks on those days you just don’t feel right.

Snacking can, however, be a bit tough when you are sensitive to the gluten protein, suffer from celiac disease or want to keep your weight in check.

At Gluten Free 4U we understand that it can be tough to find healthy baked goods in a store. Most stores and bakeries put a lot of unhealthy ingredients into their baked goods and just about every baked snack on the market is pretty rich in the gluten protein.

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We make gluten free snacks

Because it is so hard to stay healthy when you are trying to avoid gluten, we have decided to stock up on plenty of great tasting gluten free snacks in Brisbane and Melbourne. Our gluten free snacks taste incredible because we use only the finest quality ingredients and because all of our recipes are custom invented by expert chefs.

We use only the finest ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients in all of our snacks. All of our bakehouses are stocked with gluten free products only which include products like rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, maltodextrin, dextrose and more. We get all of our gluten free or flour alternatives from trusted suppliers in Melbourne and Brisbane so you can enjoy foods that are ultimately healthy and perfectly safe.

Our snacks taste incredible

Our chefs put a lot of effort into developing snacks that taste amazing. Our recipes are perfected to combine the balance of flour alternatives and additives so you can enjoy snacks with a soft and smooth texture, great taste and great elasticity.

A wide range of snacks to choose from

We provide a wide range of snacks to choose from. Our snacks are perfect for casual snacking or for treating your guests on those special occasions like corporate functions, parties, birthday celebrations, anniversaries and even weddings. You can order just about any type of snacks like sweet treats, savouries, small cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, slices, pies, muffins, cannoli and much more and enjoy snacks that taste great and that are 100% gluten free.

Snacks can be made to suit your health needs

Most people with gluten sensitivities also suffer from additional food allergies and sensitivities for products like egg, rice, pasta, sugar and more. At Gluten Free 4U we have plenty of snacks available that is safe for these types of food senilities. Diabetes sufferers, cholesterol sufferers and those with allergies are bound to find something tasty and perfectly healthy to eat when they order from our bakehouses.

If you are looking for great tasting snacks for yourself or for your special function then please visit our bakehouses or order online and we can get your snacks delivered to you anywhere in Brisbane or Melbourne.

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