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5 Tasty Savouries You Must Try

The Australian Bureau of Statistics confirms that we love eating at restaurants and getting takeaway. With an average spend of nearly $100 per week (news.com.au), have you ever considered how healthy this habit is in the long run?

Whether you’re living with Coeliac, gluten intolerance or simply looking for great tasting home food delivery that isn’t processed or unhealthy, consider one of our tasty savouries for your next home delivery. At Gluten Free 4 U, we prepare great-tasting savouries suitable for all sorts of diets. Here are our top five recommendations for you and your family.

Traditional Meat Pie

Australian meat pies are as authentically Australian as they are tasty. Meat pie production in Australia is a serious business; the Great Aussie Meat Pie Contest held annually since 1990 contributes to greater awareness and marketing of meat pie baking methods, including gluten-free varieties.

Our meat pies are filled with beef and made with Worcestershire sauce, pepper, spice, and herbs, yet are completely gluten, dairy, and yeast-free and are also fructose friendly. Marry it with a gluten-removed stout or real ale for that pub grub style.

Family-Sized Shepherd’s Pie

An old recipe modernised for gluten-sensitive and Coeliac diets, our family-sized shepherd’s pie is a great way to bring the family together over a hearty and filling meal that anyone can enjoy. Our recipe is gluten and yeast-free and is also fructose friendly. Serve with a side of vegetables for a complete meal.

Centuries ago, shepherd’s pie was prepared in order to make use of leftover roasted meat and used a lining of mashed potato around the sides and bottom. You can rest assured that our recipe maintains that homemade taste and style without sacrificing on quality ingredients.

Sausage Rolls – Carrot

If you’re looking for a great appetiser or snack, you’ll be sure to love our carrot sausage rolls. They’re gluten, dairy, and yeast-free and are also fructose friendly. Filled with beef sausage mince and grated carrots, these rolls are both hearty and healthy.

Of course there’s always the beef and onion version if you prefer, or alternatively, you can pick up a mini party pack containing 12 mini sausage rolls (carrot or onion are both available).

Quiche – Spinach & Fetta

If meat isn’t a part of your diet yet you’re looking for something that can satisfy your hunger, try our spinach & fetta cheese quiche. Shaped and baked like a meat pie, these savoury snacks make a great lunch or dinner when paired with a side of potatoes and vegetables. Quiche can be consumed either hot or cold depending on your preference.

Spinach quiche sometimes referred to as florentine, has a long tradition in French cuisine. Our recipe keeps close to the original, but is gluten, yeast, and soy-free and is also fructose friendly.

Savoury Muffin

While sweet muffins have their place alongside your morning cuppa or afternoon snack, our savoury muffins make for a great addition to a complete lunch or dinner. Our savoury muffins come in three flavours: cheese & bacon, spinach, olive, & fetta cheese, and pumpkin & fetta cheese.

No matter which you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy how the puffy pastry blends with the melted cheese. Cheese & bacon will remind you of a Scottish scone, while the spinach, olive, & fetta cheese muffin has an authentic Greek inspiration. Our recommendation is that you try one of each!

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