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FREE DONUT PACK 🍩 with any home delivery(Simply state in notes if you want Cinnamon/Iced or Jam)

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Delicious Truths About Gluten-Free Baked Treats

A lot of myths are circulating about gluten-free foods. Some are spreading rumors that these foods contain lots of unhealthy ingredients while others believe that the foods just don’t taste the same.

It can be tricky to distinguish between troughs and myths which can make life quite challenging for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

The only way to find out what is real and what is not is by doing lots of research or by sampling gluten-free products for yourself. If you investigate properly, you will quickly discover lots of tasty truths about gluten-free foods like the following.

The Baked Treats Taste Just as Good

One delicious truth about gluten-free food is that these treats can taste just as good as traditional baked cakes and breads. People tend to believe that gluten-free food won’t taste as good because these foods are made from alternative flour and ingredients. This might have been true when these foods were in their development stage but thanks to lots of experimentation, testing, and research, bakers finally managed to overcome these differences.

These days, you can hardly taste the difference between wheat flour products and those that are made from gluten-free ingredients. In many cases, gluten-free treats taste even better compared to products produced from traditional recipes.

The Foods are Still Packed with Nutrients

Nutritionists used to be quite concerned about the nutritional content of gluten-free foods. Wheat flour and other gluten-rich ingredients do contain lots of nutrients and by using alternative ingredients, the newly produced foods don’t always contain the same nutritional value.

The nutrition content of gluten-free foods might be different but that doesn’t mean it is lesser in wholesomeness. There are lots of gluten-free grains like quinoa, buckwheat, and other substitutes that are also very healthy and very good sources of nutrients that can keep you healthy.

There are Lots of Gluten-Free Baked Treats to Choose From

The gluten-free food selection in average grocery stores and restaurants might be picky but there are surprisingly many baked treats out there that are perfectly safe to munch on. If you visit a gluten-free bakery, you will be amazed at the incredible product selection. You can pick and choose anything from gluten-free specialty cakes to pies and there is even a massive range of bread options. This incredible product range is thanks to the efforts of bakers and chefs who spent hours converting recipes so foods can turn out great even after swopping gluten-containing ingredients.

If you visit a bakery, you will be able to pick and choose from various food types like buns, dinner rolls, pies, pastries, cupcakes, sweet slices, and many more. There will be something exciting and tasty to try every day.

The Shelf Life of Gluten Free Food Varies a Bit

The lifetime or shelf life of gluten-free foods like baked treats and desserts is a little bit different. These foods do tend to spoil or dry out a little bit faster. Because of this, it is usually best to buy from a local bakery and to visit regularly instead of stocking up too much. This can, however, be a good thing since freshly baked goods always tend to taste so much better.

Get The Best Gluten-Free Treats in Ipswich

There are lots of other tasty truths about gluten-free treats that you should discover for yourself. If you are looking for the finest gluten-free baked treats in Ipswich then we invite you to come and visit our Gluten Free 4 U bakehouse. We have a wide range of tasty treats to choose from and is a perfect solution if you need quality foods that won’t hurt your digestive system.

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