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Exciting Things Expected To Happen In the Gluten-Free World In 2020

It is important to stay on top of the latest gluten-free developments if you are choosing to follow the gluten-free diet. More and more people are switching over to gluten-free lifestyles every year and this development is affecting various sectors and especially the food sector.

New gluten-free food recipes are developing on almost a daily basis and we can see more gluten-free foods on the shelves of stores every month. Even some restaurants are starting to offer gluten-free meals as part of their menu. 

All of these developments make life a little bit simpler for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. But not everything about these changes is good. With the popularity of gluten-free concepts comes an increase in the number of people who are willing to exploit this condition.

If you are aware of all the good and bad things happening in the gluten-free world then you can stay safe, happy, healthy and navigate your way towards an easy-going lifestyle despite your condition. Here are the top things you can expect to happen in the gluten-free world this year.

  1. The Number of Gluten-Free Products on the Market Will Rise

The gluten-free diet is becoming more popular and more people will try to cash in on this industry. This can be a good thing since you will likely find a lot more gluten-free products available on shelves. But it can also make life quite challenging. 

Some gluten-free product suppliers are not too concerned about gluten contamination. They produce their products in everyday bakeries and food products often become exposed to gluten due to mishaps. Some distributors may not be completely honest with regards to their product ingredients. 

Gluten-free alternatives are, after all, more expensive than your everyday flour. Some producers, more likely in informal market settings, may try to take shortcuts if they don’t understand the severe effects that consuming gluten has on some consumers. This is why sticking to local, reputable brands is always best. 

  1. More Buyers Will Look For Gluten-Free Products Outside Natural Markets

More buyers are becoming aware of gluten contamination as well as the fact that mass-produced food products don’t taste nearly as good as foods supplied from small bakeries. As a result, more and more buyers will start to look for gluten-free companies outside the normal supermarket. Gluten-free companies like Gluten Free 4 U will be leveraged because customers can rely on these products.

  1. A Greater Variety of Gluten-Free Flours Will Become Available

This year it will be easier to bake your gluten-free foods because more companies will start to sell gluten-free flours. Buying these flours will enable you to produce your foods so you can be sure that your baked treats won’t contain any gluten. And if you don’t have the time to bake your own treats then you can still always buy from a reputable gluten-free bakery.

  1. More Liquor Brands Will Also Become Gluten-Free

It is expected that more liquor companies will also invest in gluten-free certification. Here, buyers do need to be wary of labels or fine print that includes ‘gluten-removed’ phrases. There is a huge difference in gluten-free products and gluten-removed products. No organisation can ever remove all traces of gluten from a finished product but producers can ensure that no gluten ingredients are used in food manufacturing.

 The changes expected to happen in 2020 can make life simpler for those that follow the gluten-free lifestyle. But many of these changes can also make life harder. The one thing you can rely on this year is that Gluten Free 4 U will continue to offer their pure and delicious gluten-free baked goods so you can stay healthy and happy while you are trying to find your way through all these modern changes.

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