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Gluten-Free Baking Tips – How to Improve Texture & Taste

People with gluten intolerances or allergies often find it hard to follow a gluten-free lifestyle because the baked goods usually aren’t quite as yummy as conventional flour baked products.  Wheat and flour substitutes need to be used for baking which sometimes may create a different flavour profile and texture. The texture of gluten-free baked goods is also a bit different and both of these issues can make it tough for those with intolerance problems to say no to all of those delicious gluten-rich foods.

 Luckily a lot of research, development, experimenting and improvements have been made on gluten-free alternatives over the last few years, gluten-free recipe baking methods and there are now plenty of tips and tricks to overcome the texture and taste issues so you can enjoy your gluten-free baked goods just as much as gluten-rich foods.

medical conditions because of gluten

 Why Gluten Affects Texture

Gluten has a huge effect on the texture of baked goods.  This is because gluten acts as a binding agent in baked goods and creates elasticity in baked items.  The proteins inside gluten are designed to trap gas bubbles and other materials and give bread its elastic, light and puffy texture.  Without gluten, it becomes challenging to create that same texture for gorgeous baked goods.

Your Traditional Flour Alternatives Might be to Blame

If you find it tough to overcome texture problems then you might still be using traditional flour alternatives.  Previously, gluten-free recipes had to make do with ingredients like corn, rice, pea, potato and more. These ingredients were finely ground but still resulted in a rubbery or bouncy texture and didn’t have that same elasticity or stickiness which resulted in crumbling.

 Switch Over to Modern Flour Alternatives

Research and developments have resulted in quite a few better gluten alternatives that result in much better texture and taste.  Millet, amaranth, kasha, quinoa flour, coconut flour, nut flour, gluten-free oats and bean flours are now used for baking. These products are also combined with alternative ‘glues’ like xanthan gum, guar gum and more to enhance the elasticity of the baked goods so you can still get that same mouth watering texture as normal baked goods.  The taste of modern flour alternatives is also significantly better than traditional alternatives which result in gluten-free baked goods that are just as tasty if not tastier than gluten-rich baked goods.

Use These Baking Methods to Improve Texture Even More

Baking methods can also have a huge impact on the texture and taste of your gluten-free baked foods. Here are a few different baking methods that might just result in an improved texture;

Steer clear of milk and water – Use buttermilk instead of traditional milk or water. Buttermilk gives a finer and lighter texture and helps overcome that rubbery and heavy sensation.

Include gelatin – Gelatin is also a good alternative binding agent that is commonly used in baked goods.  You can soften gelatin in liquid and add it in your recipe for breads and cookies that bind much better.

Combine your ingredients – Mix and match your gluten-free flours so you can create a texture that appeals better to your personal taste.  The mixture of different gluten-free flours will overcome some of the shortcomings in these different flour and wheat alternatives.

Give xanthan gum a try – This is a very common bonding agent in gluten-free baked foods.  If your recipes tend to crumble too much then add some xanthan gum to the ingredients and you will get much better elasticity.

These tips are amazing for improving the texture and taste of your gluten-free foods.  With the right baking methods and ingredients, you can create baked foods that are just as tasty as any other gluten-rich cake or pieces of bread.

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