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FREE DONUT PACK 🍩 with any home delivery(Simply state in notes if you want Cinnamon/Iced or Jam)

FREE DONUT PACK 🍩 with any home delivery(Simply state in notes if you want Cinnamon/Iced or Jam)

Gluten-Free Treats For A Sweeter Valentine’s Day In Melbourne Blog

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Gluten-Free Treats For A Sweeter Valentine’s Day In Melbourne

V-Day is just around the corner and we can already sense the bubbly feel of this romantic season. Everything about Valentine’s Day from the red and pink outfits to the cute heart-shaped decorations can be a lot of fun. But one of the most fun parts about this special day is the snacks.

Yes, this day is indeed sweet and while it is customary to gift chocolate or roses, these common gifts can feel a little bit too overrated.

If you want to make this Valentine’s Day a little bit sweeter – and a little bit healthier for those with gluten intolerance – then it is best to consider the following gluten-free Valentine’s Day treats.

Heart Biscuits

No gift can match the Valentine’s theme better than a bottle filled with heart-shaped gluten-free biscuits. These cookies are not only on cue, they are also tasty with their raspberry jam centres and chocolate-dipped edging.

The cookies can be a wonderful option for bulk gifting because you can easily divide the pack of cookies into smaller packs so you can spoil all of your friends and family members. Simply place a few cookies into a beautiful heart-print cellophane bag and tie it with a little ribbon and you are all set and ready to spread the romance.

Daisy Kisses

Gluten-free daisy kisses are also a great option if you want to spoil someone special with a sweet treat. These round cookies with their raspberry jam centers and chocolate drizzle taste incredible.

The jam cookies are a beautiful gift all on their own but they can be even more charming if you place them in a beautiful heart-shaped tin and add a little message or a small batch of flowers to the gift.

Specialty Valentine Themed Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a welcome gift and can be a wonderful treat to present to anyone who visits your home on this special day. The gift is also ideal for students who might want to spoil their classmates with something sweet or can be a good gift option for all of your colleagues at work.

You can order custom-made gluten-free cupcakes from a local gluten-free bakery. These cupcakes can be decorated with pink frosting and little hearts or they can be crafted in the shape of beautiful red roses. These gifts are affordable options that you can easily hand out to everyone who might need a little bit of love.

Gluten-Free Lolly Packs

Mixed packs of tasty treats are always fun gifts because sampling all of the different treats in the pack is a mini adventure. You can make your own mixed gluten free lolly packs by combining different treats in a beautiful package.

Some of the best treats to include in your pack are chocolate honeycombs, chocolate mixed whirls and coconut roughs. These tasty bites will look qutie charming if you place them in a nice tin, a beautiful box or a colourful packet and tie them with a nice ribbon. They can also be a charming small gift to hand out when you want to spoil a whole group of people.

Get The Best Gluten-Free Valentine’s Treats in Melbourne

Just because you want to spoil everyone with a delicious and freshly baked Valentine’s Treat doesn’t mean you have to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. At Gluten Free 4 U, we have you covered. Our bakery specialises in gluten-free treats and can get these and any other specialty cupcakes or cakes you might have in mind specially made and delivered to your Melbourne home in time for the big V-Day.

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