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Planning a Gluten-Free Barbeque?

Everybody loves a good barbie. These types of events give everyone the opportunity to catch up, share fun stories, make some new memories and relax just a little bit. Barbecue parties are also pretty healthy because everyone is moving around in the yard, enjoying some fresh air and having a good break from technology.

The only thing about barbeques is that it’s not always the healthiest when it comes to the food! We all tend to overindulge a bit when there are lots of tasty treats to try. For the gluten-intolerant, barbeques can be the worst because you have to say no to all of those tasty treats, desserts and garlic bread is a big no if you don’t want to feel sore, bloated and ill.

The good news is that  Gluten-Free 4 U is making it easier for you to stay healthy and to avoid all of those negative symptoms that usually happen when you eat gluten foods. We have a huge variety of gluten-free bread products and treats that you and all of your gluten-eating friends will love to munch on.

How to Plan A Gluten-Free Barbeque

When you are planning a 100% gluten-free barbeque party there is only one way to stay perfectly safe and gluten-free. That is by ordering all of your baked treats and sweet snacks online from our specialty bakehouse. We sell a huge variety of breads, sweet treats, savouries and even cakes that taste fantastic and that is safe for consumption for you or any of your guests who might be gluten intolerant.

It is important to also mind the type of meats and snacks you serve at the party. Maize types of snacks can contain gluten ingredients and meats with a crust should be avoided because they often contain flour. Buy clean, lean meats so you can indulge a bit without feeling too guilty and stick to healthy snacks such as veggie cups, potato chips, and dried fruits.

The Best Foods for Your Gluten-Free BBQ

At  Gluten-Free 4 U we have a wide variety of the best-tasting treats that would complement your barbeque parties perfectly. Here are the top must-haves for your next barbeque party;

Breads – Bread is an absolute must at any barbecue party. There are just so many wonderful roasted bread recipes to make and the smell of warm bread with melted cheese is simply glorious. We sell a wide range of bread products such as loaves, hamburger rolls, hot dog rolls, olive loaves, French sticks, ciabatta bread, dinner rolls and more that will be fabulous at your barbecue. You can stuff these delicious bread items with your choice of  fillings, grill them or enjoy them as is.

Sweets – Everyone loves to nibble on a few tasty treats while they wait for the fire or for those meats to be grilled. You can order and serve a wide range of delicious sweets such as cannoli, caramel slices, brownies, chocolate eclairs, vanilla slices, iced doughnuts, jam tarts and more when you visit our online shop. Your guests would love to munch on these bites and kids can stay full until dinner is ready.

Cake – Are you hosting a barbeque party to celebrate a birthday? Then you simply must order one of our delicious gluten-free cakes. We have a wide range to choose from including cheesecakes, banana cakes, carrot cakes, and even delicious chocolate mousse cakes.

Planning a gluten-free barbeque party is super easy when you have  Gluten-Free 4 U at your side. You can shop all of your baked goods and sweet treats online from our website and have these items delivered to your home in time for the big barbeque party.

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