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Our Most Popular Gluten Free Sweets

Who doesn’t love a tasty sweet after a meal? Who doesn’t enjoy the crunch of a delicious biscuit with a cup of tea? Enjoying sweets is part and parcel of the Australian culture. Unfortunately for those people with Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, they are unable to enjoy the likes of sweet pies, slices, and biscuits. Thankfully with Gluten Free 4 U leading the way with a large variety of traditional gluten free sweets, everyone will be able to enjoy these little moments. So what are these popular options? Have a read below:

Chocolate Chip Muffin:

Sweet, soft and delicious are the three words to best describe our chocolate chip muffins. With the perfect blend of sweet and softness, our gluten free option is the perfect food to complement your coffee or tea, your lunch or just to have a quick bite. Fill your stomach up with our delicious gluten free chocolate chip muffins


The ultimate sweet – now completely gluten free! With its soft, buttery centre and crispy, flakey crunch, our croissant is hand made to be enjoyed whenever you want that delicious bite. With our tasty gluten free croissants and chocolate croissants, everyone can now enjoy this mouth-watering classic. 

Apple Pie:

The classic American dessert, now completely transformed into a tasty gluten free treat. With a simple bite, you’ll get to enjoy a whirlwind of flavour: soft refreshing apples, buttery pastry and a rich taste of heaven. You can now enjoy bite-size apple pies for a quick bite or a family size to share with friends and family. 

Chocolate Brownie: 

With its dense and moist texture, our chocolate brownie is crafted to make you crave more. Made with all the best gluten free ingredients and mixed with delicious chocolate, our brownies will explode with flavour in your mouth. You will be able to enjoy this tasty treat with a hot cup of coffee – it’s the best partner for it! Check out our gluten free chocolate brownie slice here

These are just a few of our most popular gluten free sweets. Our pastry chefs are always pushing themselves to the next level to provide you with the best gluten free options. To see more of our range, check out our collection here. You are also welcome to visit our bakehouses in Kew, Moorabbin, Frankston & Boronia to give yourself the best experience.  

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