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What goes into our Speciality Cakes

There are cakes, and then there are Speciality Cakes from Gluten Free 4 U. Here at Gluten Free 4 U, we have established a reliable and respectable reputation when it comes to creating special gluten free cakes for all types of occasions. From birthdays to weddings, and any other event in between, we can create the speciality cake for you. But what makes our process so different? We explain it to you right here:

  • Our speciality cakes are hand-crafted by chefs with years of experience. Not everyone can create a master piece speciality cake. You need passion for what you do and years of experience to get the finer detail, elegant touch and finish; something our chefs have an abundance of.
  • Our aim is to make our cakes as realistic as possible. We don’t just make regular cakes that “look” real. Our cakes are realistic in every possible way.
  • We customise our speciality cakes, working with you on your thoughts, ideas, budget and then overlaying this with what is possible from our end. More times than not you will be overwhelmed with the end result.
  • For a cake to be special, it has to have special touch. That is what our process entails: we listen to what you want on the taste, appearance, design, content of the cake, flavours and colours.
  • We can create special cakes of all sorts of events and themes, from Spiderman to Lego Blocks, from Anniversary cakes to Religious designs. You have an unlimited option when it comes to creating your special cake with our chefs in charge.
  • To show you how much effort and time we put into our speciality cakes: it can take sometimes a full week to create….yes a full week !
  • Our cakes are not just Gluten Free and Nut Free; they are can be altered to suit any other allergies or avoidances you or the special person may have. This includes the likes of:
    • Soy Free
    • Dairy Free
    • Egg Free
    • Fructose Friendly
  • Our prices are affordable and are only governed by the time we spend on your cake. Other than that, every special cake gets the same passion, love and attention. We have made it this way so that everyone in Melbourne has the opportunity to get a customised Gluten Free speciality cake.


For that special cake, reach out to Gluten Free 4 U today. We are ready to help you with all your speciality cakes. For more information click on the link here: https://glutenfree4u.com.au/specialty-cakes/ or contact us at cakes@glutenfree4u.com.au

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